Kitchen Tile Replacement

Kitchen Tile Replacement is one the important part of kitchen interior. It helps to prevent the heat and cooking stains from the wall and floor. The water from the kitchen sink is also prevented by the Kitchen Tile Replacement. The kitchen floor tiles and wall tiles come in designs and prints especially suitable for kitchen use. Also, the size of these tiles is comparatively smaller than the other tiles.

Kitchen Tile Replacement:

Kitchen Tile Replacement

Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC is a Dubai based company which is expert in doing household maintains ace chores such as electrician, carpentry, painting and plumbing services etc. Kitchen Tile Replacement by the Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC professional plumbers. With Kitchen Tile Replacement our plumbers also offer other services related to replacement of kitchen tiles such as fixing the under pipes and preparing sub-floors for the kitchen.

Kitchen Tile Replacement services of Al-Suroor:

Replacing floor tiles of a kitchen:Kitchen Tile Replacement

The kitchen floor tiles help to drain out the kitchen sink water properly and easily also it is the most suitable solution as compared to carpets and wooden flooring.

Replacing wall tiles of a kitchen:

The tiles of kitchen help in preventing the kitchen walls from tough stains of cooking, oil stain and as well as heat. The kitchen walls are designed to install small tiles with prints of fruits, vegetables, utensils etc. to match the kitchen theme and color.

Replacing counter tiles of a kitchen:

Nowadays the kitchen tiles are also been used in different places such as counters, cabinets, shelves and storage racks. This helps the house owner to develop even look in the kitchen.

We are covering a greater area of Dubai including:

Steps in Kitchen Tile Replacement:

Kitchen Tile Replacement

o The selection of new tiles for the kitchen is done by the customer. They choose according to the interior of the kitchen and keeping the colors, themes, and designs of the kitchen tiles.
o The kitchen’s old tiles are now removed from walls and floor. This is done by the breaking of old tiles and plugging them out by our plumbers.
o The area of the kitchen is now proper vacuumed and cleans so that no dirt or broken tile pieces can interrupt the replacement process.
o The kitchen is measured properly and exact measurements are taken.
o The layout is made out the measurements. The layout helps in installing the tiles properly.
o Kitchen tiles are now cut according to the layout and measurement for perfect installation.
o After that, the new kitchen tiles are installed on the desired places such as walls and floors.
o The fillings are done so that the proper installation of the tiles is made and tiles do not move from its place.
o The excess cement is cleaned and the area is left for drying.

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