Fancy Tiles Installation in Dubai

Give your old flooring a new look by adding elegant Fancy tiles installation in Dubai in your home. The tiles give durable flooring solution to your old floor and give a new and fresh look.

Fancy Tiles Installation in Dubai:

Fancy tiles installation in Dubai

Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC provides best Fancy tiles installation in Dubai. Fancy tiles installation in Dubai are not only installed on the floors but walls also so that a beautiful wall interior can be made, this wall art is very in these days. The fancy tiles come in many shapes and sizes and installed according to the choice of the customer.

Where we can use Fancy tiles installation in Dubai:

Fancy tiles used on floors:Fancy tiles installation in Dubai

• Kitchen floor
• Room floors
• Bathroom floor
• Commercial floorings

Fancy tiles used on walls:Fancy tiles installation in Dubai

• Themed fancy tiles on wall
• Mosaic tiles on wall
• Paintings and pictures on fancy tiles
• Interior decoration of wall tiles

We are covering a greater area of Dubai including:

Step by step Fancy tiles installation in Dubai by Al-Suroor:

Fancy tiles installation in Dubai

Selecting the fancy tiles designs, colors, and themes:

The selection of the fancy tiles is done by the customer according to their choice as well as the interior design of the house and room. The selection is done by keeping the designs, colors, and themes in mind.

Covering the old floor or wall:

The old floor or wall needs to be repaid first. In the case of any old flooring, it needs to be removed as well as any paint or wallpaper on the wall needs to be removed and scrapped well before installing the fancy tiles.

Assess your floor or wall:

The floor and wall are now assessing properly so that the tiles are installed properly and evenly. Any seepage of water or ant broke place on the wall and floor needs to be repaired first.

Making layouts of walls and floors:

It is important to make the layouts of the places on which the fancy tiles are required to be placed and installed. This layout prevents any faults and helps our handyman achieve professional results.

Cut the tiles:

The tiles are now cut according to the layout and measurements so that the complete professional look is achieved by our expert handyman of Al-Suroor.

Set the fancy tiles:

The tiles are now set in the position by applying cement and other fixing mixtures on the end of the tiles. These tiles are placed near to each other but not overlapping.

Packing the joints with grout:

The joints are now filled with grout together by placing the cement mixture on them and filling the gaps in the tiles.

Cleaning up excess grout:

The excess grout is clean up so that none is left on the tiles and the surface of the tiles are clean and tidy.

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