The Garden Dubai

The Garden Dubai:

The Garden Dubai as defined by its name is a green area of Dubai. The Garden is famous for its green and garden landscape in Dubai. The Garden is a beautiful place where the community enjoys the blend of high-end lifestyle with nature’s touch. The Garden Dubai has Ibn Battuta Mall which is its center of tourism place. It has many gardens, tennis and basketball courts with different swimming pools.

1. Locksmith services in Garden Dubai:

The Fahad Lock Repairs provide many professional locksmith services in the different areas of Dubai including Garden Dubai. The Garden Dubai has many residents who require professional locksmith services which are provided by Fahad Lock Repairs. Following are some locksmith services provided by Fahad Lock Repairs:

• Professional locksmith services:

The locksmiths of Fahd Lock Repair provide professional locksmith services in Dubai and Garden Dubai. Every locksmith of Fahad lock Repairs is well trained and have years of professional locksmith experience.

• Emergency key making:

The locksmiths of Fahad Lock Repairs provide emergency key making services round the clock. The professional locksmiths are expert in making keys which are broken, lost, snapped or damaged.

• Emergency lock repairing services:

The emergency lock repairing services of Fahad Lock Repairs provides complete lock repairing services in Dubai. Our locksmiths are very expert in repairing all types of locks.

• 24- hours locksmith services:

The 24- hour locksmith services of Fahad lock repair services help you find a good locksmith 24- hours a day 7 days a week. Our locksmiths provide you services at your doorsteps and solve all your problems easily and conveniently.

• Car locksmith services:

We also provide car locksmith services roadside and at your doorsteps. The car locksmith services of Fahad Lock Repairs provide you lock repairing and key making for all the vehicles.

2. Al-Suroor:

Al-Suroor provides multiple services for your household maintenance and repairs all around Dubai. As domestic help is expensive and difficult to find the right person for the right job. Al-Suroor provides the entire repairable service provider all over Dubai to do your regular handyman jobs. We provide repairing and installing all the appliances and household items.

1. Carpenter

2. Electrician

3. Handyman

4. Painters

5. Floor specialist

6. Plumbers

7. Maintenance experts

8. Furniture painters

9. Furniture carpenters

10. Repairing experts

11. Electric appliances installation experts

12. Handyman for odd jobs