Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence:

Jumeirah Beach Residence is also known as JBR. This area is located near the seashore of Persian Gulf and has beautiful sea view. This is a small area and the residents usually, live in apartments and hotels. The seaside resident is very peaceful, beautiful and near to nature. The residential block of JBR is

• Shams
• Amwaj
• Rimal
• Bahar
• Sadf
• Marjan

Dubai Repair Services in Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai:

1. Handyman services of Dubai Repairs in Jumeirah Beach Residence:

The handyman of Dubai Repairs provide all the services in the area of Jumeirah Beach Residence, they provide complete handyman services in this area and have expertise in many fields. They provide multiple services in this area and all over Dubai.

• Assembly:

Most of the furniture needs assembling as well as other furnishing items like cabinets, shelves or wardrobe.

• Carpentry:

Nothing is most suitable for your home than a customized carpentry. Carpenters of Dubai Repairs made furniture of your choice.

• Electrical:

From repairing electrical appliances, electrical faults or installing the new electrical item, we have it all.

• Installation:

Install all your appliances and household items with the help of our handyman.

• Maintenance:

Maintaining all the houses or commercial areas such as hotels, schools or offices.

• Painting:

Applying all kinds of paints.

• Plumbing:

Providing all kind of plumbing solution from repairing to installing.

• Remodeling:

Remodifying and remodeling buildings, structures or houses.

• Repair:

Repairing all kind of appliances, items, and household damages.

• Safety and mobility:

Securing homes by installing locks and security systems as well as easy access to important items.

2. Bag repair services in Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai:

Dubai Repairs offers best bag repair services in town. Dubai Repairs is a well-known company which is expert in bag repairs and all types of the trolley, ladies and luggage bag repairs in Dubai. Therefore it has many customers and offers services all over Dubai.

• Trolley bag:

These bags have a mechanism and small wheels under it to help them move easily all over the place. These bags are easier in transportation.

• Luggage bag:

These bags help in transporting luggage and made for traveling purpose. These bags are available in different sizes and shapes.

• Ladies bag:

The ladies bag is a necessary fashion accessory to keep the ladies accessories and belonging. It also helps to keep and transport their belongings easily to one place to another.

• Travelling bag:

These bags help in transportation of things while traveling to different locations.

• Handbags:

There are different types of handbags used for different purposes such as wallets, pouch, money bag, makeup bag etc.

• Leather bag

These are many bags which are made from pure animal leather and come in different sizes and shapes.