Carpet Supplier in Dubai

Many times the need of the carpets is more than usual and has to meet certain requirements of the customers such as using Carpet supplier in Dubai for the commercial use. Therefor special specifications has to meet to fulfill the demand of the Carpet supplier in Dubai like width, length, color, texture or design.

Carpet Supplier in Dubai:

Carpet supplier in Dubai

Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC not only serves Carpet supplier in Dubai for the household customers but also Carpet supplier in Dubai to the commercial and special order clients. We are linked with top carpet making companies of Dubai and international market who fulfill the requirement of the clients on demand. Therefore Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC Carpet supplier in Dubai all over the Dubai in most reasonable rates.

We are covering a greater area of Dubai including:

Features of Carpet supplier in Dubai of Al-Suroor:

Ready-made carpets:Carpet supplier in Dubai

Al- Suroor offers ready-made carpet range for their customers from which they can select the most suitable one for their floors. These carpets are made from the finest product and meet the high carpet standards.

Made to order carpets:

Al-Suroor also provides services for made-to-order carpets for the clients with special requirements. These carpets have special specifications which need to be meeting. We have manufacturer from all over the world to fulfill the requirements of the customer.

Handmade carpets:

Beautiful handmade carpets of Pakistan, Iran and other Middle East countries are supplied by the carpet chain of AL-Suroor. We offer the finest quality of high-class handmade carpets for the people of Dubai. These carpets will enhance the interior of the room and house but a good investment in your carpet.

Carpeting products supply:

The carpeting products such underlays, rugs, foot mats and other supplies of carpet installation such as glues and others are supplied by Al-Suroor Dubai.

Supplying carpet specifications:

Some clients come up with the specifications of the carpets from which the carpet has to be made, altered or designed. These specifications of the carpets are also supplied by the Al-Suroor and meet the customer’s demand.

Commercial clients:

The clients of the Al-Suroor are from different backgrounds such as house owners or commercial clients. These clients have particular requirements to be fulfilled and the carpets for the commercial use are not only different but also the installation process is different as well.

Meeting high standards:

The carpets supplied by Al-Suroor are of high standards of the quality and thus we have many satisfied customers all around Dubai. We never compromise on the quality and always meet high-quality carpet standards.

Economical rates of Carpets:

AL-Suroor offers the best quality at most economical rates and prices which are very competitive in the carpet business and market.

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