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Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC provides services in Bed Repair Dubai of all kinds. We know the importance of your bed repair in time, especially when it is hospital bed and a patient at home. We provide quick service if anything goes wrong with your Bed Repair Dubai. Electric beds are considered an important part when it comes to carefree sleep and electric beds are relied for the full recovery of the patients, if the problems in the bed are not properly fixed on immediately it can lead to other issues.

Bed Repair Dubai:

Bed Repair Dubai

All our professionals are trained to fix different types of Bed Repair Dubai. The repairs include the renovating broken frame of the bed, re-seeing tore stitching, changing and replacing the mechanical parts, replacing the cuffs, repairing the damages in matters.

Types of Bed Repair Dubai services:

Bed Repair Dubai

• Repairing the frames of a bed made out of wood, iron or leather.
• Repairing the motion furniture.
• Repairing hospital beds.
• Remanufacturing the bed.
• Polishing and finishing the beds.
• Replacing the broken bed parts.
• Repairing the mattress.
• Stitching the torn bed areas.

We are covering a greater area of Dubai including:

Why choose Al-Suroor?

Al-Suroor provides the largest number of services to select from your bed repair and makeover.

Repairing the beds:

Beds can be broken, damaged, discolored wood or have problems. We have the solution to all these problems.

Repairing electrical and nonelectrical beds:

Professionals of AL-Suroor are trained to repair simple beds, electrical beds as well as hospitals beds with advance electrical functions.

Private and commercial clients:

Al-Suroor provides services to the private clients for home and commercial clients of hospitals, hotels, and hostels.

Variety of services:

We have a large number of services to repair your bed and make it as good as new. Services include antique bed restoration, polishing the bed, restoration of color, repairing the framework, wood varnish, changing the design of the bed, adding storage space in bed etc.

Fast and reliable:

The professionals of our team make sure the customers are satisfied with finished product, installation, and services. The experienced craftsmen of Al-Suroor are very friendly and helpful. They always hired after a background check and expert in their fields so that best services can be provided.

Reasonable and economical:

Al-Suroor provides the best quality in minimum prices. The evaluation of cost with services is made after selection of services.

Professional and experienced experts:

Our team members are very well trained and have many years of experience in this field.

One stop shop:

Al-Suroor professional and experienced craftsmen provide all these services under one roof so that you can enjoy hustle free services under one roof.

Service at your doorstep:

Our professionals come at your doorsteps to provide you the type of service you want to avail.

Best quality of products:

We use the best quality of products for your bed repair so that you can enjoy a professional touch.

Well-equipped professionals:

Our professionals used best tools that make the work not only easy but also saves your time in going back and forth for the search of tools.

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3 thoughts on “Bed Repair Dubai

  • Atiyya

    Hi I have a bed which has a frame inside for a TV. The frame which is powered by an electric source does not work and does not lift up out of the bed. You may need to take a look at three issue first in order to understand the repair

    • admin Post author

      Hello, Thank you for the inquiry.

      Yes, Sir, we can do this job. Kindly contact on the number mention below.